Tree Nursery Tielemans: exceptional range, knowledge, service and plant quality

Tree Nursery Tielemans’ strong suit is a personalised customer service and broad know-how of trees, hedges and garden plants. 

We can rely on our longstanding experience, wide range of specialised training and unbridled passion for plants, trees and gardens.

Private persons and professionals can expect us to provide a flourishing range of outdoor plants. 

We also specialise in hedge plants. 

Thanks to our many hectares in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, the plants get all the necessary space and attention to grow, under the best circumstances. 

We really make a difference with our high-quality plants and authenticity.

Our trees, hedges and garden plants

  • are invariably and strictly checked for their external and internal quality.

  • are grubbed up as late as possible: this keeps the timespan between delivery and planting as short as possible and improves the rooting of the plants.

  • all have an excellent root system.

  • are sold with sufficient branching, whether they are grown in soil or in a container.

  • that need to be supported are always staked and regularly fastened. This keeps our trees straight.

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Our strength is not just the sale of trees, hedges and garden plants; we pursue excellent services,
superior quality and long-term relationship with all our customers

Come and visit Tree Nursery Tielemans in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, in Flemish Brabant near Brussels, and make your garden bloom!