Tree Nursery Tielemans, expert in trees,
hedges and garden plants

Tree Nursery Tielemans has its roots in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, in Flemish Brabant near Brussels.

In every season of the year, we help mainly professional garden contractors and private garden lovers find what they are looking for, thanks to the wide range of quality plants, hedges and trees we have grown with the utmost care.

Our range

Where plant and customer are king

Tree Nursery Tielemans is a family business, with a deep-rooted sense of quality, service and know-how. 

Precisely because Tree Nursery Tielemans is a close-knit family business, we still put the customer first. 

You are not a number, we really take your personal desires and individual taste into account. 

Based on this, we like sharing our favorites with you, tailored to your greenery project. 

Our drive: a satisfied customer, today and tomorrow.

Specialised garden and plant advice

Even before the start of my career, I developed a passion for the garden and plant world in our family business.

Consequently, the next logical step was a horticultural education, specialising in tree nursery. 

Afterwards, I enjoyed additional training as a landscape designer. In the meantime, I was able to learn the tricks of the trade for more than a decade at tree nursery Vanderhulst, managed by my uncle and aunt. I acquired their business in 2009.

Today, I can help you with driven, personal and professional services and advice, on plants as well as gardens.

Call us or visit Tree Nursery Tielemans in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw for all your trees, hedges and garden plants.

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